Tour 09 dates
22.1-28.1.09 Hotel Post Zermatt
30. Jan: 09 Café Leopold, Wien
1. Feb 09: Das Schiff, Basel

This was Euro 08 Winter Tour:

Fr. 25.1.08 Jaazclub Rorschach
Sa. 26.1.08 Romein Leeuwarden
Do 31. 1.08 Paard, den Haag
Sa. 2.2.08 Moods, Zürich
Fr. 8.2.08 Café Leopold, Wien
So. 9.2.08 Sudhaus, Basel

You can find important techmical informations like in the press kit at:

Basic Requirements
Standard Club Equipment:
PA & Sound Board
5 Monitors
4 Boom Stands
1 Straight StandGuitar mic & stand
Two DI’s (bass & keys)
Standard drum mics (at least kick, high-hat & snare, overhead mics)
4 vocals mics (Shure SM 58)

When Touring:Backline Equipment Required:
Complete five (5) piece drum set with all hardware, cymbals & throne
Bass amp- (swr 300 watts & DI)
Guitar amp (marshall 250 watts)
Keyboard amp or DI (fender amp 100 watts)
Keyboard stand

NOTE: The band does NOT travel with a sound or light technician